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Generic Verapamil 80mg 20 tabs, Verapamilo

Generic Verapamil 80mg 20 tabs, Verapamilo
Model:80mg 20 tabs
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Generic Verapamil 80mg 20 tabs, Verapamilo

Brand name: Calan, (Spanish name, Dilacoran Retard)

Generic name: Verapamil hydrochloride

Why is Calan prescribed? Verapamil-based medications can be
prescribed for several heart and blood pressure problems. The fast-acting brands
(Calan and Isoptin) are taken for angina (chest pain due to clogged cardiac
arteries), as well as irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. The
longer-acting brands (Calan SR, Isoptin SR, Verelan, and Verelan PM) are
typically used only for high blood pressure. Covera-HS is prescribed for both
high blood pressure and angina. Verapamil is a type of medication called a
calcium channel blocker. It eases the heart's workload by slowing down the
passage of nerve impulses through it, and hence the contractions of the heart

This improves blood flow through the heart and throughout the body,
reduces blood pressure, corrects irregular heartbeat, and helps prevent angina
pain. Some doctors also prescribe verapamil to prevent migraine headache and
asthma and to treat manic depression and panic attacks. Verapamil may also be
used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Please consult your personal physician before you start taking any type of medication.

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