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Colchis 1 mg, 30 Tabs, Colchicina, Colchicine

Colchis 1 mg, 30 Tabs, Colchicina, Colchicine
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Colchis 1 mg, 30 Tabs, Colchicina, Colchicine


Who is affected by gout?

Over 8 million people in the United States suffer from gout. (Did you know that none other than Benjamin Franklin had terribly painful gouty arthritis?)  Gout is nine times more common in men than in women. It predominantly attacks  males after puberty, with a peak age of 75. In women, gout attacks usually occur  after menopause.

While an elevated blood level of uric acid may indicate an increased risk of gout, the relationship between hyperuricemia and gout is unclear. Many patients with hyperuricemia do not develop gout (asymptomatic hyperuricemia), while some patients with repeated gout attacks have normal or low blood uric acid levels. In fact, the blood level of uric acid often lowers during an acute attack of gout. Among the male population in the United States, approximately 10% have hyperuricemia. However, only a small portion of those with hyperuricemia will actually develop gout.

  • Gout is a chronic, progressive disease.
  • The tendency to develop gout and elevated blood uric acid level (hyperuricemia) is often inherited.
  • Gout and hyperuricemia are aggravated by obesity, weight gain, alcohol intake, high blood pressure, fructose in corn syrup found in soft drinks, abnormal kidney function, and certain medications.
  • Gouty arthritis attacks can be precipitated by  dehydration, injury, fever, heavy eating, heavy alcohol consumption, and  recent trauma or surgery.
  • The most reliable diagnostic test for gout is the  identification of crystals in joints, body fluids, and tissues.
  • The treatment of an attack of gouty arthritis is different than the treatment of hyperuricemia. There are two key concepts essential to treating gout. First, it is critical to stop acute inflammation of joints affected by gouty arthritis. Second, it is important to address the long-term management of the gout disease in order to prevent future gout arthritis attacks and shrink gouty tophi crystal deposits.


Self Life:  Do not take the medication if it is EXPIRED.

The Maximun dosage is 8mg.  Do not take more than this amount as an overdose can cause dealth.

Talk to your medical doctor prior to and for advice on taking this medication.


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